Source code for owtf.utils.http


import collections
import types

try:  # PY3
    from urllib.parse import urlparse
except ImportError:  # PY2
    from urlparse import urlparse

[docs]def derive_http_method(method, data): """Derives the HTTP method from Data, etc :param method: Method to check :type method: `str` :param data: Data to check :type data: `str` :return: Method found :rtype: `str` """ d_method = method # Method not provided: Determine method from params if d_method is None or d_method == "": d_method = "GET" if data != "" and data is not None: d_method = "POST" return d_method
[docs]def deep_update(source, overrides): """Update a nested dictionary or similar mapping. Modify ``source`` in place. :type source: collections.Mapping :type overrides: collections.Mapping :rtype: collections.Mapping """ for key, value in overrides.items(): if isinstance(value, collections.Mapping) and value: returned = deep_update(source.get(key, {}), value) source[key] = returned else: source[key] = overrides[key] return source
[docs]def extract_method(wrapped_method): """Gets original method if wrapped_method was decorated :rtype: any([types.FunctionType, types.MethodType]) """ # If method was decorated with validate, the original method # is available as orig_func thanks to our container decorator return wrapped_method.orig_func if hasattr(wrapped_method, "orig_func") else wrapped_method
[docs]def is_method(method): method = extract_method(method) # Can be either a method or a function return type(method) in [types.MethodType, types.FunctionType]