Controlling Worklist

When any plugin is launched against a target, it adds a (plugin, target) combination to the worklist. This combination is known as work.
The list consisting of all work which are yet to be assigned to a worker.

Worklist can be managed from the worklist manager which looks like this


Worklist table provides interesting information like:

  • Estimated time for which the plugin will run
  • All details about the plugin and the target against which it is launched

Pausing Work

Individual works or whole worklist can be paused. This will stop the work from getting assigned to any worker. The interesting part is worklist is persistent ,i.e. if you pause the whole worklist and exit OWTF, the works will still be there in paused state when you start OWTF again.


Deleting Work

Any work can be deleted from the worklist. The search boxes will help in filtering of the works when there are many entries.